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Reverse Osmosis Systems {Capacity: 9200 - 18000 GPD}

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants

Model RWC34 - C68 (9,200 - 18,000 GPD or 70 M3/Day) unit is a simple water treatment system designed for semi commercial application. it is also applicable for irrigation purposes.

These units are simple and inexpensive Commercial Reverse Osmosis water purification systems. Designed for areas without trained operators. This series is simple to install and easy to maintain and ideally suited for producing high quality water from brackish water.

Revese Osmosis Water Treatment System


  • Easy to operate and maintain, the operation is automatic through the use of a level sensing device located in the clients storage tank.
  • Easy to install, the system is shipped complete and fully operational, requiring only 3 plumbing connections and one electrical connection.
  • Compact, all equipment is mounted on a single frame.
  • Dual Controls (Manual /Automatic)
  • Removes over 95% of the total dissolved minerals & Organics
  • Removes Bacteria, Sediments, Chlorine & Chemicals.
  • Removes Bad Taste and odour
  • Simple and convenient, Easy to use
  • One year Warranty

* Specification & Sizes may vary / change depend upon the capacity of the system.

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