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Water Coolers & Chillers

Safe... and Satisfying!

Nothing is more refreshing than a drink of cool clear water, and a RAHA water cooler provides you with a drink that's worth waiting for!

RAHA supplies all types of water coolers such as:

* Wall-mounted Coolers
* Bottled Water Coolers
* Economy Coolers (Floor Standing)
* Explosion-Proof Coolers
* Other type of coolers also Available

Wall-Mounted Coolers RC-WM/8A2

The Wall-Mounted Water cooler Model #RC-WM/8A2 has attractive styling, a large variety of color options, plus our famous Quality make the WM Series the best water cooler value you can buy!


  • Exclusive! RAHA Double Bubbler Projector
  • Easy-clean, anti-splash rim receptor
  • Mounts with all connections concealed
  • Glass filler field kits available
  • Factory-installed coffee server available
  • Available in designer finishes. Standard finish is Platinum Vinyl cabinet with stainless steel receptor

Wall-Mounted Coolers Model #RC-WM/8A2
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Bottled Water Cooler RC-BC/4

RAHA Bottled Water Coolers provide refreshing chilled water. We offer 3 types of coolers in this category:

  • COLD (Model #RC-BC/4C)
  • HOT & COLD (Model #RC-BC/4HC)
  • COOK & COLD (Model #RC-BC/4CC)


  • No plumbing connections needed
  • Recessed faucets and drip tray
  • Bottles not included
  • Coolers Model #RC-BC/4CC Kit offers chilled water, plus room temperature water ideal for cooking
  • Cooler Model #RC-BC/4C adds piping hot water service
Bottled Water Cooler Model# RC-BC/4
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Economy (Floor Standing) Water Cooler RC-FS/3

RAHA Economy Coolers (Floor Standing)Model #RC is the answer to your most basic water cooler needs. 10-year limited warranty on evaporator / chiller.


  • Polished, chrome-plated projector
  • Factory-installed coffee server available in some models
  • Single-stream self-closing projector
  • Available in Platinum Vinyl
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on Chiller/Evaporator
Economy (Floor Standing) Water Cooler Model #RC-FS/3
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Explosion-proof Water Coolers RC-EP/6

RAHA's Explosion-proof Water Cooler Model #RC-EP/6 are designed to safely provide 50°F drinking water in hazardous location, where flammable gases and vapours or combustible dust and fibre's may be present.


  • RAHA Double Bubbler Projector
  • Meets NFPA standards
  • Standard finish is Platinum Vinyl
Explosionproof Water Coolers Model #RC-EP/6
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